Who can do a blood sugar test?

Who should do a blood sugar test?

You need to consult your doctor to know if you are able to check your blood sugar. People who can do the test include:

  • People with hypoglycemia
  • People with hypoglycemia without symptoms
  • People with ketone due to hyperglycemia
  • People use insulin
  • People are pregnant
  • People who have difficulty controlling blood glucose levels

Blood sugar test procedure

Steps to check blood sugar include:

  • Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent infection. If you use medical ethanol, make sure your fingers are dry before testing.
  • Next, attach the test strip to the measuring machine and prick your finger to get a small drop of blood. You should take blood from the sides of your fingers instead of your fingertips to reduce discomfort.
  • Blood will follow the test stick to the meter to analyze and display results on the screen within 1 minute.

If you have type 1 diabetes, you may need to check your blood sugar 4 or more times a day: before and after meals.

If you have type 2 diabetes, your doctor will tell you the level of blood sugar testing during the day.

Results of blood glucose measurement

According to experts, normal blood sugar levels are:

  • Blood sugar level before eating: 80–130mg / dl
  • Blood sugar level after eating: less than 180mg / dl
  • Blood sugar level 2 hours after eating: less than 140mg / dl

However, these are general guidelines and not for everyone. Ask your doctor about your normal blood sugar level.

What are the risks for blood sugar testing?

Any method has risks. However, the risk of blood sugar testing is usually very small and not as much as the effects of not monitoring blood sugar.

If you share insulin syringes and other testing equipment with the sick person, you will be more likely to be infected with:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Therefore, you should avoid sharing needles and other laboratory supplies with others.

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