What causes you to have heartburn?

What causes heartburn can be a question many of us want to find the answer to. In the article below, you can find answers to the most common causes of the above symptoms and how you can do to prevent the pain associated with heartburn.

First of all, the specific cause of heartburn in each person is different. What causes this condition may surprise you because you often think that just staying away from the foods that make you heartburn is done. However, the problem lies not only in the foods you eat every day but also in relation to the frequency, duration of exercise and the things you use to relieve pain. Therefore, the important thing to control is that you need to understand the causes of your own heartburn and overcome them. The following actions can cause heartburn:

Eating too much and eating lots of fatty foods
Eating foods high in fat and greasy before going to bed is often the cause of constant heartburn. Excessive consumption of high-fat foods, eating in large quantities as well as too late meals are the top three causes of heartburn symptoms.

You often have heartburn after eating too much because when your stomach is full, it can make you feel bloated. This condition will make the sphincter function keeping the acids in the stomach work in the wrong direction. That is why the food from yesterday’s dinner can be reversed in your throat. Therefore, you can still have heartburn when you eat too full even if you avoid foods that cause heartburn.

Also, remember to avoid eating foods that are too high in fat if you are feeling uncomfortable by belching. Because these foods will make the stomach produce more acid, which makes the digestive system feel very uncomfortable. And yet, the sphincter muscles in the stomach will work less effectively with these foods and that’s why you feel as if the food from the previous meal is refluxing up your throat.

Eating foods that cause heartburn
Food can also cause heartburn. You should avoid absolutely or limit the use of some of the following foods and drinks to prevent heartburn:

  • Wine, especially red wine;
  • Black pepper, garlic, onion and other spices;
  • Chocolate;
  • Many fruits are citrus like orange, grapefruit, …
  • Coffee and other stimulant drinks such as tea and soda;
  • Mint;
  • Tomato.

In addition, you can still use these foods normally if they don’t make you uncomfortable. You also need to keep in mind the eating rules such as not eating too much, eating 5-6 small meals a day, not eating right before bedtime, but you need to eat at least 2 hours in advance for your body to have enough time to digest all the food. Because when you sleep, it makes the digestive process more difficult and causes heartburn.

Exercise mode
Abdominal muscle crunches exercises and reduced belly fat can make you heartburn. Bowed posture can increase pressure on the abdomen and push stomach acid into the esophagus. Therefore, you may have a burning sensation in your body. You should also avoid lifting your legs because it makes your abdominal muscles work harder and can seriously aggravate your heartburn symptoms.

Actions such as planting bananas or steps in yoga exercises can upset the natural digestive cycle of the stomach and of course cause heartburn. In addition, exercises that include many movements such as walking or aerobics may cause disturbance in the belly food, especially if you do not have a healthy sphincter.

In addition, you absolutely should not practice when you are full because doing so can cause a significant increase in abdominal pressure and lead to heartburn. On the other hand, the body may take several hours to digest all the food so scientists recommend that you should only exercise at least two hours after eating.

There are quite a number of different remedies that can cause heartburn or make the symptoms worse. The pain relievers themselves are not the cause, but if you use them regularly or use a common pain reliever such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it can make the esophagus uncomfortable. These drugs usually include ibuprofen, naproxen and Cox-2 selective inhibitors such as Celebrex which are often used to treat arthritis.

In addition, some calcium and nitrate blockers used to treat high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases also inactivate sphincter to cause acid in the stomach to reflux and lead to heartburn easily.

Besides, some other drugs also have similar consequences, including:

  • Theophylline, oral medication for bronchial asthma;
  • Anesthetic drugs;
  • Opioid analgesics;
  • Birth control pills contain progesterone hormone;
  • Drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease (disease caused by degeneration of the nervous system);
  • 3 round antidepressants;
  • Some iron and sodium supplements;
  • Some drugs used in chemotherapy as well as osteoporosis drugs called bisphotphates are also capable of damaging the esophagus, making heartburn more likely.

Therefore, if you are taking these drugs, take them with plenty of water and should not lie down for about 1 hour, to avoid reflux. In addition, during the course of treatment, you also need to remember to always notify your doctor if a new prescription or over-the-counter medicines cause heartburn or aggravate your symptoms. . This helps the doctor prescribe you more suitable alternatives.

Heartburn can make you feel uncomfortable. So you should avoid eating too much before going to bed, limit foods that cause heartburn as well as be cautious when using medicine. If there are any abnormal signs, you should see your doctor.

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