What causes obesity? Have you ever asked?

Nowadays, people are becoming more obese, which known as overweight. Around the world, the number of people who get overweight is very high. Still, there are many ways to treat obesity, but first, we have to know what are the causes .

There are a lot of factors which can result in obesity but here are five most common causes.

Food and Activity

The kinds of food which contain a huge amount of calories can be main reasons of obesity. And if the calories consumption is higher than the amount of calories burnt in our daily activities, the excess calories will be stored in the form of fat. Consequently, we suffer from obesity.


In the city where there is usually an insufficient amount of space and facility such as a sidewalk or gyms for the crowding inhabitants to do exercises. Therefore, the number of obese people in the city is higher than in the countryside.

Moreover, some having a hurrying and busy life pace so they don’t have much time to pick and choose their food carefully, the only solution for their quick breakfast or short lunch break is fast food which is considerably rich in fat and carbonhydrate.

Besides, thsere are more and more commercials and advertisements encouraging people to buy unhealthy foods, such as high-fat snacks and sugary drinks.


This is an reasearch showing that genetics also play an important role in causing obesity. These genes can directly affect our body and cause obesity.

Also, it can increase the likelihood of getting overweight. A number of scientists believe that genetics are the main reason for obesity.

Stress, Emotions, and Insomnia

Some people have a habit that when they are upset, or stressed and even angry, they will eat a lot of food. According to a survey, 80% of stressed people will eat something and try to relax their body in order to get over the stress. This is also a cause of obesity.

Studies have also found that the less people sleep, the more likely they are to be overweight or obese. The hormones inside our body will be released during sleep to control appetite and the body’s use of energy.

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