Turn your life become happy, healthy and happy in the following ways

Each of us wants to have good health, always fun, no pressure and have high productivity in life. If you want to be happy and content with what you have, this article will help you smile fun, take care of yourself, have a good shape, as well as ownership of physical and mental health.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is not only useful for health but also promotes state of happiness. There is a maxim like “sleep early and get up early makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”, so you should go to bed early or if it can not maintain the sleep time is fixed, you have can use the alarm clock and this is not too big problem. Adults need 8-9 hours of sleep and for children, youth and under this age is 9-10 hours. Advantages that sleep brings that during sleep, functional subconscious brain to release all of the poison can affect the feeling of happiness and facilitates positive thinking to start a new day good more beautiful than yesterday. You need to rest and relax for an hour before going to bed to fall asleep faster; reading, watching television (programs avoid violence, aggression,

Eat healthy foods. Avoid junk food and eat fruits and green leafy vegetables every day. This helps you feel full of energy and happiness. Replace junk food is not good for health as chocolate contains more calories with fruit or nuts. However, it does not matter if you snack occasionally. Also, you should not eat a lot of processed foods but should eat apples, watermelon, papaya, grapes, etc. … the fruits with high water content. Fruit Group strengthens the immune system, skin lightening, and improve eyesight but no effect on hearing.

Drink a lot of water. Water is good for the whole body and the benefits of this fluid can not count them. Water helps clean the skin and bring feeling happy about their appearance! Moreover, water also plays an important role for your overall health. So you should regularly drink while working or studying, or even during training. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. If you do not like the flat taste of water, you can add lemon slices to flavor or add fruit juice.

Do exercise. You can perform some physical activity such as brisk walking, martial arts, exercise cardiovascular, aerobics, dance room, Wii Fit, or any similar activity to body always health, mental clarity and enhances the immune system, even in the case of HIV-positive or have weakened immune systems. Of course you do not have to exercise every day because we do not have much time, unless you are an athlete, gym teacher, etc …. However, just to gain time to practice, you will feel the difference by yourself and see the immune system to change significantly.

Reward yourself. You can buy shoes that you like, or books on the subject of boosting your engine (depending on personal preference): technology, health, talent development and leadership skills, stories telecommunications idea, fiction, horror, etc … Take a stroll in the park or in the woods also help you to calm your mind and self-reflection alone.
View real friendship. Mounted with true friends, praise and cherish them. Always shown love and treat them the way you want to be treated. Do not betray a friend, always there and help each other. Do not believe in rumors; occasionally go out with friends to have fun moments as well as closer.

Always smile. It should not be sad because small things too seriously or jokes to hurt yourself. If you feel uncomfortable because of another joke, you should stay away from them, but do not show that you do not like it. Respect your friends in a certain distance. Generally you should not be too pessimistic, but should laugh often to themselves feel happy, and sometimes your smile will make people feel happier.

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