Do you know that You are wasting a lot of time in front of Television? It is not that simple that watching TV is your habit and you are enjoying it. It has many profound effects on your life which you never imagine. Turning off your television is one of the ways for you to enjoy your true life. Instead of watching TV, you can spend time to read a good book to gain knowledge, take time to do exercise and cultivate your relationship. There are various energetic and meaningful activities for you every day out there, so don’t worry that your life will be boring for the lack of television.
Let’s read about the detail reasons why turning off Television is a good decision:
Turning of your Television and walk outside the world!!
  1. It makes you stressed.
    You won’t believe that a tool seems to bring joy to you also make you stressed. When we spend a lot of time watching television, we put off other things that we should be doing, like paying bills, playing with the kids, and so on. After a while, these things build up and we begin to feel stress in our lives that wouldn't be there if we didn't spend so much time watching television. Over time, elevated stress leads to health issues.
  2. Time is consumed in unworthy way
    Time is really valuable, but it passed away in meaningless way when you spend most of your time in front of television. Not watching TV has given you more time to do things you love. While you are watching your favorite shows, other activities will be put on hold. Then all your life is burn in television, you have no time for any other interesting activities.
  3. It destroys your health
    Television is almost always a sedentary activity. Over time, it begins to show. Television is the big reason for obesity because TV addictive simply don't get the natural exercise from doing non-sedentary activities that they once got. The health costs from this can be tremendous.
  4. You are staying away from society because of TV
    When the television is on for hours each day, it's much more difficult to have real conversations with the people in your life. Over time, less communication means weaker relationships with the people you love, and this means that quite often you have to "supplement" the relationship with additional spending. Besides, you also need to spend time for your current relationships, because lack of connection can destroy every relationship. Don’t make Television control your life.
  5. It is influencing your spending habits
    TV drives us to buy things that we won’t buy. Whether it’s the stand-alone advertisements or integrated product placements, we get spurred to buy things when we see them. And there’s a reason why, too. The advertisements have direct messages and subliminal messaging to drive us to purchase.
  6. Television Slows Down Your Brain Activity
    There’s a reason why TV addictive is called “couch potato.” Excessive TV watching turns you into a potato in time. Research has shown that when you are watching TV, your higher brain regions shut down, and activities shift to the lower brain regions. Your lower brain is set in a “fight or flight” response mode. In the long run, your higher brain regions experience atrophy due to lack of usage. There have been studies that TV viewing among children leads to lower attention and pooer brain development.
  7. It is costing you money.
    Americans spend over $6 billion per year just paying for the electricity to power their television sets. Add in the cost of cable/satellite bills, dvd’s, movie subscriptions, peripherals … and we’re starting to talk about real money.
  8. It makes life become boring
    You will not have chances to discovery interesting world outside if your life is just for watching Television. Life becomes boring without any joy and happiness in the reality. The stories and characters in TV is not real, and they cannot exist in your life to help you enjoy new things, new relationships.
    Life is more fun without Television. Just enjoy it then you will realize that turning off TV is one of the best decisions in your life.

Think of all the things you could do with that time… You could change your life.