Do you know that the inherently sensitive airways of people with asthma can be irritated with just a little bit of cigarette smell on the clothes?

Cigarette and asthma
Passive smoking is very harmful to health and even causes many adverse effects on people with asthma. If you have asthma, any time exposed to cigarette smoke can lead to an asthma attack. Even regular exposure to cigarette smoke makes symptoms worse.

Cigarette smoke does not cause asthma, but both direct and indirect smoke exposure can trigger symptoms of outbreaks. Acute asthma attacks occur when your airways are irritated and inflamed.

Studies have shown that 90% of children with asthma will better control their diseases when there are no smokers in the family. Similarly for adults, if asthma patients do not use cigarette, treatment results can be highly effective.

Harmful effects of cigarette on pregnant women

Pregnant women are advised not to smoke and avoid secondhand smoke. There are many good reasons for this advice because cigarette smoke will lead to low birth weight and increase mortality in infants. Furthermore, there are studies that show that if his father or mother smokes during his childhood years, he may have asthma in the future.

Some suggestions for avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke

To prevent asthma attacks, refer to the following suggestions:

  • Quit smoking
  • Do not let any family member smoke at home or car
  • Do not leave children near an adult who is smoking
  • Limit going to restaurants or shops that allow customers to smoke

In addition, you can equip fast-acting drugs as well as respiratory support devices such as a nasal aspirator to be more active in controlling asthma attacks.