High blood pressure is a common pathology for many years. Applying a healthy lifestyle is the first step to treating hypertension. You can start this measure by changing the foods for high blood pressure based on the DASH diet.

According to statistics from experts, hypertension now affects more than a billion people around the world and this number tends to increase over time.

In fact, the number of people with hypertension has doubled in the past 40 years. This is a serious health problem, because high blood pressure is linked to the risk of many dangerous diseases like heart disease, kidney failure and stroke.

Experts have realized that diet plays a key role in high blood pressure. Therefore, they established a scientific diet to treat hypertension as a DASH diet.

Menu for people with high blood pressure

In fact, the DASH diet does not specifically provide foods and dishes for high blood pressure patients. Instead, it recommends the specific portions of each different food group.

The number of servings you can eat depends on the amount of calories you consume. Below is a typical example of servings based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Whole grains: 6–8 servings per day
Whole grains include bread or cereals, brown rice, bulgur wheat or wheat flour, quinoa and oatmeal.

Green vegetables: 4–5 servings per day
DASH diets include all types of green vegetables.

Fruits: 4–5 servings per day
Similar to green vegetables, you will eat a lot of fruit if you are following the DASH diet. Some fruits you should eat regularly can be:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries …
  • Tropical fruits, such as pineapples and mangos

Dairy products: 2–3 servings per day
Keep in mind that dairy products in DASH diets should be low in fat, such as skim milk, cheese and low-fat yogurt.

Protein (lean chicken, meat and fish): up to 6 servings per day
Choose lean meat or fish. Sometimes, you can reward yourself with a portion of red meat, such as beef or lamb, but only 1-2 times per week.

Nuts, seeds and legumes: 4–5 servings per week
This group of foods will include almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds and peas.

Fat and oil: 2–3 servings per day
The DASH diet recommends using vegetable oils instead of other oils. These vegetable oils include margarine and canola oil, corn, olives or saffron oils. You can also use low-fat mayonnaise to mix salads.

Sweets (candy and sugar): up to 5 servings per week
To ensure health, sugar should be kept to a minimum in the DASH diet. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of sweets such as cakes, candies, jam …

Some dishes for people with high blood pressure

Below is an example of foods for a high blood pressure patient in a week based on the DASH diet.


Start a new week with dishes for high blood pressure patients including:

Breakfast with a cup of oatmeal with skim milk. You can use half a cup of blueberry juice or fresh orange juice.

Spend an apple and a box of low-fat yogurt for a snack to get more energy.

At lunch break, you can use whole-grain sandwiches, served with tuna and mayonnaise.

Eat a banana in the afternoon if you feel hungry.

Your dinner will be dishes for people with high blood pressure like chicken breast cooked in beans, served with broccoli and boiled carrots. Remember to use brown rice instead of white rice.


Breakfast for people with hypertension will include margarine bread. If you don't like butter, you can replace it with jelly or jam. Also, start the day with orange juice and an apple.

Your snack will be a banana.

At lunch, you will eat chicken rice with salad, accompanied by low-fat cheese.

The snack will include peaches, which can be fresh peaches or canned peaches, low-fat yogurt.

Pan-fried salmon served with mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables will be an attractive dish for high blood pressure patients after a long day of work.


Food for high blood pressure patients will start with oatmeal and skim milk. If you feel bored, you can change it with cereal with low-fat milk. Dessert could be blueberry or fresh orange juice.

An orange for snack will help you add the necessary vitamin C.

The menu for high blood pressure patients in the afternoon will have pure bread with lean chicken and low-fat cheese. Salad mixed with tomatoes will add fiber to you. If you're bored with bread, you can switch to barley or noodle.

Next, the snack will include crackers and pineapple.

Finally, end the middle of the week with the pan-fried cod fillet. However, the cost of cod is relatively high because this fish is very nutritious. Therefore, you can replace it with basa fish fillet or salmon and mackerel. Remember, there are two more items on the menu, including green beans and broccoli.


Today, you can start a new day with pho or noodle soup, be careful not to order fatty water. Also, do not forget to dessert with raspberry or fresh orange juice.

If you feel hungry in the middle of the morning, a banana will be a good choice.

Food for high blood pressure patients at lunch will be a salad with grilled tuna (you can choose your favorite sauce). Salad includes green lettuce, cherry tomatoes, eggs and olive oil.

Chilled pears served with low-fat yogurt will be an attractive menu for a light-weight snack.

Enjoy dinner with pork stir-fried with bell pepper with brown rice and boiled spinach or cabbage.


To start the last day of work, you can use boiled eggs, smoked chicken and tomatoes served with two slices of grilled barley bread. Remember to dessert with strawberry juice.

A delicious, fresh red apple will be the ideal choice during recess.

This lunch will have crab noodles. Don't forget the salad to add fiber.

A plate of fruit salad will be the ration of the snack.

Friday night's dish of high blood pressure people will be spaghetti. If you don't like spaghetti, you can replace them with pasta or noodle. The sauce includes tomatoes, minced meat, mushrooms and peas.


Dishes for the high blood pressure of the two weekends will include:

  • Breakfast: rolls or cakes with desserts including orange juice and lemon juice
  • Snack: an apple or pear, can replace with peach and mango
  • Lunch: Honey-baked chicken served with grilled vegetables or vinaigrette salad. You can use extra cookies if you like
  • Snack: almond or fruit beams with low-fat yogurt
  • Dinner: steak (beef or pork) served with mashed potatoes, low-fat cheese, boiled broccoli and peas. You can drink a glass of red wine to enjoy food better.

Set up a DASH-based diet

Experts do not specifically recommend foods for high blood pressure patients. Therefore, you can manually adjust your current diet according to DASH guidelines, such as:

  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Change refined cereals for whole grains
  • Choose nonfat or low-fat dairy products
  • Choose lean protein sources like fish, poultry and beans
  • Use vegetable oil instead of animal fat
  • Limit eating foods which are high in sugar
  • Limit your intake of foods which are high in saturated fat such as regular fat or fresh milk
  • Regularly drink filtered water or green tea
  • Fruit juices should be made at home, limiting the use of bottled juice in supermarkets


You can easily make a list of foods for high blood pressure patients for the menu every day based on the DASH diet.

A healthy person may have no reason to confine his or her own diet to the DASH framework. However, if you have hypertension, DASH is one of the best options for you.