Cure Gout by Oriental medicine: Easy but effective

Many people learn about Gout treatments by Oriental medicine and try them out because they are relatively easy to implement, cost-effective and considered effective.

Gout is a disease that is hard to cure completely, patients have to live and suffer from unpleasant pains and symptoms. Many people share their experiences when applying Oriental medicine methods to reduce symptoms and control the disease.

However, the effect brought about by these methods comes mainly from folk experience and has not been verified by reliable research. So before applying, you need to consult your doctor, especially if you belong to the following subjects:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • People suffering from other diseases or health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes …
  • People using any other medicine

In the process of applying gout treatments, patients need to follow a healthy diet, avoid foods that increase uric acid in the blood, and drink plenty of water, exercise and exercise.

Cure gout with piper lolot

One of the ways to cure gout with Oriental medicine is that many people use piper lolot. It is believed that the leaves can cure gout because it has analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The leaves are often slow-cooked into medicine, or used to soak the feet.

Gout remedies with oriental medicine with piper lolot

Drinking remedy

Use only piper lolot

Use 5-10g of dried piper lolots or 15-30g of fresh ones to slow-cook with 2 cups of water, until it is condensed in hafl of a cup. Take this drink after dinner. Use continuously for 10 days.

Combine piper lolot with other herbs

Take 30g of piper lolots, 30g ofheliotropes, 30g of grapefruit root, 30g of washed fresh devil’s horsewhip, chop and fry slightly. Then slow-cook the herbs with 2 cups of water, wait until there is only half a cup of water left, then divide that water to use twice a day.

Soaking remedy
  • Prepare a handful of fresh piper lolots and a spoonful of sea salt.
  • Wash the leaves, boil them with much water.
  • Pour out the water to cool down and add salt.
  • When the water is warm, start to soak your feet until the water cools down.

The patient will feel the effect of foot bath after 1 week of application: the pain is less likely to occur and also less painful.

Poultice remedy

In addition to foot baths, patients can also use piper lolots and mugworts to make a poultice.

Take a handful of fresh piper lolots, a handful of fresh mugworts to wash and then crush. Bring the mixture over with vinegar and apply it to the aching joint. Wait for the temperature to moderate to avoid burning the skin.

Who should not use piper lolots?
  • People who are suffering from stomach pain, canker sore, constipation: If these people use the leaves, the disease will get worse.
  • Breast-feeding women: According to folk experience, lactating women who use piper lolots will lose milk.
Note when using piper lolots
  • Ordinary people should only eat 100g of piper lolots per day. Using much can lead to canker sore, internal heat or constipation.
  • People who eat the leaves for treatment should only use 50g / day.
  • The effectiveness of treatment with piper lolots is dependent health status of each person. Because the treatment is based only on folk experience and has not been validated by reliable scientific research, consult a doctor before applying to avoid bad consequences.

Cure gout with green beans

Green beans (especially when ingested) are high in fiber, limiting the formation and accumulation of uric acid in the body, which causes gout.

Green beans have high anti-inflammatory properties, bean pods have flavonoids that inhibit the process of degeneration and pain relief for people with inflammatory and degenerative joints. The green bean shell also has a very good detoxifying effect.

Gout remedy from green beans

Green beans

Take 150g of green beans, rinse and soak for about 1 hour. Put the beans out and put them in the pot with the appropriate amount of water. When the beans are soft, turn off the stove, do not add spices. The beans are enough for one day.

Divide into 2 parts for morning and lunch, or morning and evening. The patient will see a clear remission after about 30 days.

Roasted green bean juice

Roasted green bean water helps regulate body temperature, increases the clearance of the kidneys, and eliminates uric acid in the body more effectively.

Take a handful of green beans, wash and roast dry in a pan. Turn off the stove when beans get up and smell yellowish. Bring cooked beans to a boil with 2 liters of water.

Every day, or the day before, use the green bean juice mentioned above to drink, the pulp used to eat.

Note when treating gout with green beans
  • Consult a doctor before applying this method because for people who are taking drugs, green beans are able to solve drugs that are ineffective.
  • If you want to use it for a long time, you need to monitor blood pressure, because green beans lower blood pressure in some people.
  • Avoid hot spicy foods, indigestion, and add lots of vegetables, drink plenty of water.
  • Regularly exercising to improve the function and flexibility of the body, including the flexibility of the joints. Exercise and exercise also help maintain a healthy weight, because obesity is one of the risk factors for gout. Keeping your body at the right weight helps the patient control the condition, while avoiding putting pressure on the injured joints.
  • Gout treatment with green beans is only effective in mild cases. People with more severe illnesses need to see a specialist to receive an appropriate indication for treatment.

Cure gout with betel leaves and coconut water

Betel leaves contain essential oils and active substances such as eugenol, chavicol, estragol, which are effective for bone-related diseases, which partly help to repair joint injuries, while reducing pain.

Coconut water acts as a soluble substance, causing the active ingredients in betel leaves to be extracted more quickly. Coconut water also helps to balance metabolism, enhance metabolism, improve kidney function, enhance uric acid excretion.

Gout remedy with betel leaves and coconut water
  • Prepare a fresh coconut, cut the flap available.
  • Take 100g of betel leaves to wash, wait for the water to be drained and cut it into a prepared coconut. Cover the coconut fruit again to soak the leaves for 30-40 minutes.
  • Drink all the water inside, remove the residue.
  • Use for 7 days will be effective.
  • Use this remedy early in the morning when you wake up and have not eaten anything. Wait a while after drinking and then have breakfast.
  • Consult a doctor before performing this method to avoid unwanted consequences.

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