6 ways to treat diabetes without taking medicines help you control blood sugar effectively

After detecting diabetes, not everyone starts taking medication early. If you know how to take non-medication ways to treat diabetes, you will be able to delay the use of medication and reduce dependence on medications in people with long-term illness.

Non-pharmacological treatments for diabetes that help control blood sugar effectively for people who are new to the drug do not need to take medication and provide optimal support for people who are on medication.

Try to maintain a healthy weight

Most patients with type 2 diabetes suffer from overweight or obesity. This increases the risk of high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, raise the risk of stroke, heart attack … even death. Therefore, it is indispensable to lose weight in non-medication treatments. This will help strengthen your body’s sensitivity to insulin and minimize cardiovascular risk.

Patients should be aware of safe weight loss by eating a diet low in sugar, fat and exercise. You should not lose weight too quickly and it will adversely affect your health.

Relax for the spirit of comfort

Spend time relaxing every day to keep your spirits relaxed
Very few people know the importance of relaxing and sleeping on time. Prolonged stress or insomnia will cause your body to release more cortisol and epinephrine hormones causing hyperglycemia. So, relax in a number of ways: reading, yoga, meditating, nourishing, listening to light music, chatting with relatives …

You should take 15 – 30 minutes a day to relax and should get enough 6-8 hours of sleep every day to help your body stabilize blood sugar.

Build a healthy diet

Combining wrong food or eating incorrectly can lead to insulin resistance, causing diabetes. This also explains why many diabetics, although very persistent in taking medicines, are still high in blood sugar because they do not have a proper diet.

According to nutrition experts, diabetics need to have a varied diet of food groups including powder, protein, fat and fiber in proportion:

  • 1/2 is a sweet little fresh fruit (grapefruit, citrus fruit) and high fiber vegetables (broccoli, carrots, fish lettuce)
  • 1/4 is whole grain cereal (brown rice, sesame, beans)
  • The remaining 1/4 are lean meat and beneficial fat (derived from fish and plants such as salmon oil, soybean oil, rice oil …)

You should divide into small meals throughout the day, eat green vegetables and drink the soup first to help slow the absorption of sugar. You should limit eating after 8 pm, do not eat fruits immediately after eating starch because it will cause blood sugar to rise faster.

Abandon bad habits

Tobacco is not only the leading cause of lung cancer but also makes diabetes difficult to control. Nicotine from tobacco enters the body will slow insulin absorption and increase the body’s risk of insulin resistance. Besides, high alcohol content in beer and alcohol can cause serious complications or hypoglycemia. Therefore, you should quit smoking and say no to alcohol.

Exercise regularly

The daily movement is the most effective and simple way to treat diabetes without medication. You just need to maintain all your favorite sports such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga, nursing … at least 30-45 minutes and 5 sessions per week. However, you should have a moderate exercise regime depending on the health and stamina of each person, this you can consult your doctor about the training time and intensity.

Experts say exercise is a way to help consume excess energy, control blood fat, and blood pressure effectively. Particularly, exercise also helps insulin work better, thereby reducing and stabilizing long-term blood sugar. In diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease, walking habits will help reduce angina and prevent heart attack effectively.

In the case of neurological complications, foot problems or osteoarthritis of the legs, you limit the movement of standing or walking too much like walking, climbing stairs … At that time, you should choose to bike on the air , swimming or upper body exercises. Besides, you should not exercise when blood sugar is too high or too low.

Use herbs to help stabilize blood sugar

The main cause of increased type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. Therefore, whether taking drugs or not taking drugs, the main purpose of treating root disease is to reduce insulin resistance.

Many studies have shown that mango leaves and many other precious herbs such as Neem leaves, Yellow, Cinnamon and Bitter melon … are able to reduce insulin resistance through controlling the entire sugar metabolism of the body. Thereby helping to support control of fasting blood sugar, not increasing postprandial blood sugar, reducing HbA1c to limit diabetes complications effectively.

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