5 effective ways to treat flatulence in children

Flatulence is a gastrointestinal problem and usually occurs in children. This condition often causes many children to be upset, affecting their health. So, to cure bloating in children, what should we do?

1. Rub the child’s belly

When your baby burps, they reduce the amount of steam in the stomach so they don’t go through the intestinal tract. However, belching is not 100% effective in removing gas, as it has no effect on the gas produced in the gut from normal digestion. There are many treatments to reduce gas, such as abdominal massage. The rubbing of the abdomen is proven to be effective in helping the baby release some gas.

Just apply gentle pressure on the child’s abdomen to soothe and help your baby burp. You can also try placing your baby lying down on his forearm with his legs on his elbows and chin in his hand. Pressure placed on the abdomen helps soothe and release the baby’s air. If this is not effective, some of the following methods may be helpful. Of course, you should consult your pediatrician before giving your child any any medicine or supplement.

2. Simethicone

Simethicone is basically an antifoam, which combines air bubbles in the stomach together to make it easier to get air out. However, if larger bubbles are not emitted quickly enough, they will go down to the lower gastrointestinal tract. Here, large bubbles of air cause more pain and bloating.

Simethicone has no effect on the intestine and can also cause abdominal pain. Because simethicone works by combining air bubbles, it must be in the place where the air is to operate. Therefore, simethonone is not a one-time emergency medicine, but must be taken regularly during each meal. If the cause of the gas is not swallowed, simethicone will not work after the gas starts to appear. In addition, simethicone will only work with gas near the stomach and does not work on the intestinal tract.

3. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Another medicine is sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is an alkali against the acidity of stomach acid, created naturally in children’s stomachs. It may temporarily alleviate discomfort caused by increased acid production. However, sodium bicarbonate is absorbed into the bloodstream and may have unwanted side effects.

For this reason, children under 5 years of age should not use sodium bicarbonate. Even for adults, it should not be used for more than 2 weeks or repeated use. According to some doctors, sodium bicarbonate can cause electrolyte imbalance in newborns, which leads to serious problems.

4. Essential oils and active ingredients of herbal extracts

Parents need to consult a doctor clearly about the side effects of oils before you decide to use it for your baby at home, even if the amount is very low.

5. Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic recipes can be a great option for treating gas symptoms in babies. Most homeopathic medicines do not contain allergens and do not have side effects. On the market today, homeopathic drugs often exist in liquid form. It is very effective in treating fart, abdominal distention and cramps in newborns.

Your baby’s intestines are still weak, so flatulence usually happens. Parents can refer to the above information to cure your child’s bloating!

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